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About Us

Defranco Gaming™ in association with Defranco Enterprises™ LLC, Defranco Enterprises™ INC is a video game, Youtube and streamer eSports sponsorship agency.

Defranco Gaming was originally started in 2005 as an idea and mainly worked on Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic map design but didn't come to life fully until professional gaming started to become really popular.  Defranco Gaming was formerly known as Defranco Games, going way back to the quake days and team fortress classic/half life series.  In 2007 Defranco Games™ was split up rebranded Defranco Gaming for sponsorship and Defranco Games for game design.  Jack from the Defranco Enterprises team heads up all sponsorship applications and accounts for Defranco Gaming.

Sponsorship programs & endorsements are available to Youtuber's and video game live streamers. We sponsor individuals as well as teams in all low to mid levels of gameplay. We provide products, services and cash to gamers to support their giveaways for their fanbase and lifestyle. We handle all the product merchandise, sales, and logistics of giveaways, and we even design the majority of the product suited just for the gamer to offer to his/her fanbase.

Professional eSports gaming is the future of sponsorship.  We even have high expectations that one day it will surpass regular sports in terms of high level competitions.  Now is definately the time to get in on eSports sponsorship at the ground floor.  So if your an individual or team, prepare that application and send it in.

Whether your a veteran gamer, or just starting out; we would like to hear from you. is property of Defranco Enterprises™ LLC